Bee Wax Ritual Candle

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Many people prefer natural materials for magickal workings, and beeswax fits the bill. Our Pure Bees Wax Ritual Candles are Ethically Sourced & Magickally made. These Ritual Candles hold incredible Energy from its makers & the Botanics nature provides

Bees wax has many uses in Rituals, Spiritual Practices, Witchcraft, or simply to release the Sweet Abundant Energy within your home.

These powerful Ritual Candles can be used for Magickal Seals and Talismans
Creating magickal seals and talismans out of melted beeswax can be done instead of using paper or metals.
There are other pagan and occult customs that have used beeswax such as wax for magickal seals and that altar pentacles made of wax.


Beeswax can be used as part of shaping and forming a person or animal to use as a poppet in magick or spells.
The poppet can be used for healing or other forms of magick.

Sweetening Work / Jars

Beeswax can be used to seal jars, bottles and other containers that are created for sweetening work, Relationships, Deals & so much more.
This can be used for honey jars such as to attract money or abundance.

Healing & Cleansing

Melted beeswax can be used to draw out illness & draw in the healing energy.
This technique has been used in Slavic shamanic practices for healing and cleansing purposes.

House Blessings

Light the ritual candle for removing stale energy and restoring sweet peace and clarity to your ritual space and home.  

Family Protection
The Hive are a big family and are intensely protective of each other & their home which transfers into the wax. So Carve the name of your family on the candle, light and allow the Sweet Protection to filter to your loved ones & their home.

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