7 Pagan Powers Loose Incense 60g

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Seven is a powerful magickal number & is used in many ways by Pagans.

This loose incense is hand crafted by the Hedge Witch to bring the power of 7 to you to use to draw the power of Love, Money, Luck, Health, Protection, Magickal Power & Success.


1. You will need: a charcoal disc, tongs, a heat proof bowl or cauldron, ash/sand/salt/rocks,a lighter, and your loose incense.

2. Prepare your heat proof bowl by adding some ash/sand/salt in the bottom to disperse the heat from the charcoal disc.

3. Using the tongs, grab the charcoal disc and light it using the lighter. Make sure you hold the flame on it until it starts to spark quite a bit. Once it starts sparking, set it down into the bowl and let it heat up for a few minutes.

4. After the charcoal disc is nice and hot, sprinkle a pinch of loose incense on top. The herbs & resins will start to burn right away. Once the last of the resin has burned, I like to take my tongs and tilt the disc to get the burned incense off so I can put another pinch on. The disc should burn for approx 1 - 1.5 hours.

After you’re done, you can put a lid on (if available) to stop the smoke, or remove the burned incense and just let the charcoal disc burn down into ash.

Handmade by the Hedge Witch with all Natural & Sustainable ingredients straight out of her Grimoire.

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