A night of Mediumship with Michelle Mcwillams

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What to expect from A night of Mediumship with Michelle Mcwillams

A Natural born Psychic Medium Michelle McWilliams showcases her powerful gift at Mystiques Enchantments. 
Led by the spirit world, Michelle seeks to provide specific evidence of continued survival beyond physical world. The often witty and always compassionate delivery of her communication from the spirit world, aims to leave those in receipt of messages in no doubt of the continued presence of their loved ones.

This event will suit those who want to experience a small group environment where the spirit world comes through to connect on behalf of those in the room.
A beautiful way of sharing memories of their time with your loved ones, stories about their time in the physical world and acknowledgement of how life is for you now.
The intimacy of the setting allows for an emotive, supported experience, suiting those who perhaps are curious about mediumship, but reluctant to commit to having a one to one reading or attend a larger event.


Starts: 6pm

Held At: Mystiques Enchantments 

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