Eucalyptus Palo Santo Sticks

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Discover the rejuvenating fusion of Eucalyptus and Palo Santo in our specially crafted sticks. Made from the hallowed Palo Santo tree, these sticks blend the natural healing properties of Palo Santo with the refreshing essence of eucalyptus.

Each stick is meticulously created, combining Palo Santo with a eucalyptus-infused paste for a truly unique experience. Upon lighting, they emit a calming, healing and aromatic fragrance, ideal for enhancing any relaxation or meditation practice.

Designed for ease and portability, our Eucalyptus Palo Santo Sticks are perfect for purifying and refreshing your space, wherever you may be. Embrace the effortless tranquility and spiritual upliftment they offer. Experience the soothing, harmonious energies of Palo Santo and eucalyptus with our distinctively pleasant sticks.

Size: 10cm

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