Goddess Resin/Cone Incense Burner

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This unique incense burner features a female goddess design. Approximately 21.5cm high from the base to the tip of the lid (or 14.5cm high without the lid), and around 6cm in diameter at the base, this burner is made from highly polished metal with decorative detailing over the goddess section, as well as around the base of the burner. It features a dish that is the perfect size to hold a charcoal tablet , or it can also be used as a platform to burn incense cones, loose incense & resins. The removable lid features a long spire and decorative holes to allow the smoke to escape while your incense is burning.

NOTE: Take care when removing the lid as it may become very hot during use. Due to the height of the burner, do take care to place somewhere safe while burning so it cannot be accidentally knocked over. 

Important: you must ensure that you take all care to ensure children or pets cannot access your censer while burning.  Always place your censer on a heat proof surface during use.