Imbolc Intention Candle

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Embrace New Beginnings with Our Imbolc Intention Candle

Welcome the rejuvenating energy of Imbolc with our specially crafted Intention Candle. Infused with a blend of sacred herbs, this candle is a beacon of early spring's promise, guiding you towards renewal and growth.

Infused with Nature's Magick

  • Enriched with select herbs that resonate with Imbolc's spirit.
  • Blended to harness the power of new beginnings and purification.

Set Your Intentions:

  • Light this candle to focus on personal growth and renewal.
  • Ideal for meditation, reflection, or as part of your Imbolc ritual.

Limited Edition:
Available only for the Imbolc season. Get yours while supplies last!

Exclusive To Us Made By Us Just For You

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