Power My Spell Bath Ritual

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This Bath Ritual is perfect for Conjuring, Manifesting & Casting to draw to you & Absorb your Desires. Start your intention work surrounded by the elements within this enchanting ritual.

The Aroma of the warm potion will feel the air as you become Magickaly ready to Cast, to Manifest , to empower & amplify your intentions

From the times of Old, Sea Salt Baths have been used as good transmitters for your thoughts, feelings & intention work, combining that with the Energies of the Magical Elements you have a powerful potion to work with.

Our Sacred Bath Rituals Sets have been created by the Hedge Witch using our Families ancient Grimoire to be a powerful multi-layered manifestation tool which contains all the elements to put you into the Magickal Mode.

Salts , Butters & Oil Concoction with Herbs & Flowers, A Crystal & a corresponding Candle.

Bath Salts have been known to be drying on the skin and cause issues for many people.

But Our creamy bath salts are very different, they can hydrate, moisturise, heal, sooth , stimulating circulation, improves elasticity , Protects Against Free Radicals, Relieves Those with Sensitive Skin, just to name a few of the Benefits.

Instruction Scroll
Magickal Ritual Paper
Incense Cone
Creamy Ritual Salt Blend
Powerful Magickal Botanics & Charged Ingredients

Exclusive To Us Made By Us Just For You

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