Mother Maiden Crone Vegan Soap 100g

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Traditionally, the Triple Goddess refers to the Waxing, Full, and Waning moons. More importantly, it reflects the three "phases" of a woman's life: Maiden, Mother, and Crone. We can embody any of these aspects regardless of our years. As you cleanse, clear & moisturise your skin with this perfectly balanced soap, begin to draw in the nurturing aroma of sun-drenched palm leaves and dewy cyclamen, with the young bamboo and fresh springs, finishing with the mature notes of rose geranium, sandalwood and violet leaf

The Maiden oils represent new beginnings, excitement, enchantment, and possibilities (think of Persephone, Brigid, and Nimue).

The Mother oils reflect our fertility, compassion, strength, and power (think of Demeter and Lakshmi).

The Wise Woman oils are for wisdom, completion, respect, and experience (think of Hecate and Cerridwen).

Vegan & is paraben, SLS and palm oil free.

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