Pagan Stones

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Pagans and Witches of all past and present traditions use symbols for many things, such as rituals, spells, ceremonies and in everyday life. There are many different symbols with many different meanings. Each symbol has a basic meaning, but they all mean different things and represent different feelings and actions to different people.

This set of six black agate stones are engraved with golden Pagan symbols and are presented in a black velvet bag & Chest to provide safe storage. These can be used as divination tools, for your altar, for crystal grids, your sacred space and for combining sacred geometry with crystal healing.

The crystals which measure approximately 1.5cm to 2.5cm are etched with the following symbols:

• The Pentacle, is often associated with protection and symbolizes connection between five elements; spirit, air, water, earth and fire, with the circle uniting all five. This symbol has been used throughout the ages and is even to referenced in Sumerian culture.

• The Triple Moon, is often associated with the Triple Goddess who represents the feminine divine, which includes intuition, psychic abilities, creation, wisdom and mystery. This is also said to symbolise the waxing, full and waning moon, with the lunar cycle being linked to the phases of one’s life.

• The Ankh, represents the concept of eternal life. Spiritually the Ankh originates from the stories of Isis and Osiris. In Egyptian mythology, Isis represented fertility and the feminine divine; she is symbolised by the loop within the Ankh. Osiris represented the heavens and the masculine divine; he is symbolised by the T-cross within the Ankh. Therefore, the Ankh shows the union of the masculine and feminine divine energies creating eternal life.

• Basic Triskele (Triple Spiral), is a Celtic symbol found on a number Megalithic sites. This has been considered as a symbol of the Trinity and, therefore, a symbol of eternity. It is often used to represent the three realms of Land, Sea and Sky. This is sometimes used to symbolise the wiccan lore of threefold or it can be considered as a symbolic representation of the triple goddess.

• Horned God (Sun & Moon), symbol is used to represent the masculine energies of the divine. This is both is equal & opposite to the female Triple Goddess. It is associated with vegetation, wilderness, nature, hunting, fertility, and sexuality.

• Spiral, shows the evolution of our soul’s growth and one’s connection to the divine. This symbol represents the cycle of life, birth, growth, death and re-incarnation. The spiral symbol represents the constant change and development we undergo. This symbol shows the constant expansion of all living things and is a representation of our never-ending journey.

Black Agate is widely believed to have the following properties:

• Strength and courage.
• Grounding.
• Associated with both spiritual and psychical planes of existence.
• Protective and balancing.
• Positive energy.