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The Witches Shield Protection Mojo Bag

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For centuries Herbal offerings & sachets to carry have been used by Witches, Shaman’s & Healers to give the wearer a specific intention. A mojo bag, is also a powerful tool in the magickal practice of Hoodoo.
These Bags are filled with Herbs, crystals, & other magickal & powerful corresponding ingredients all sourced & crafted by the hedge witch in the traditional way. The Mojo Bag is Alive with intense Energy & Purpose, it has been crafted using old Magick , & sealed shut with a protection Talisman, once sealed and anointed they are cleansed in a smoke bath & packed. With your mojo bag you will receive an witches oil of protection. A couple of drops on the bag once a week or a month will keep it active, energised & bonded with you. This is called dressing your power.

These items are sold within a biodegradable bag as no one else should touch your powerful Mojo Bag other then the Maker & the User.

Keep with you, or within your home, car or sacred space.

Exclusive To Us Made By Us Just For You 

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