Sea Witch Bath Ritual

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The ocean plays a special symbolic role and with it ,unfathomable power.
Simply draw the energy of the sea into your sacred bath & Bring your inner sea witch to life. Any witch can harness the power of the ocean with this ritual

A perfectly charged blend for anyone wanting to work with the power of the ocean. Whether it be the natural force of the water itself, or the mythical creatures that dwell in its depths,
Allow the inner sea witch to Draw in the power from the energy this ritual contains. Reconnect & Recharge yourself while Breathing deeply the aroma of the ocean breeze , sea salt and the sea mist , while being calmed by the gentle sea moss, sun-drenched woods and white musk  

Blue Howlite reduces anxiety, tension, stress and anger, it is gentle, soothing and calms the energy around you.

Bath Salts have been known to be drying on the skin and cause issues for many people, But Our creamy bath salts are very different, they can hydrate, moisturise, heal, sooth , stimulating circulation, improves elasticity , Protects Against Free Radicals, Relieves Those with Sensitive Skin, just to name a few of the Benefits.

Instruction Scroll
Magickal Ritual Paper
Incense Cone
Creamy Ritual Salt Blend
Grounding Botanics & Charged Ingredients

Salt Blend 250g

Total Weight 280g

Exclusive To Us Made By Us Just For You