Sleep Creamy Bath Salts 300g

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The perfect blend of Pure Essential Oils that will wrap you in a blanket of calmness & warmth for the whole family to use for a deep peaceful sleep.

Bath Salts have been known to be drying on the skin and cause issues for many people,
But Our creamy bath salts are very different, they can hydrate, moisturise, heal , sooth , stimulating circulation, improves elasticity , Protects Against Free Radicals, Relieves Those with Sensitive Skin, just to name a few of the Benefits.

We take pride in the products we make for you. Our Bath Salts are Not out of a factory or mass produced.
They are made with love and care with you in mind with a touch of Magick.

With Pure Oils & Natural Butters.

New Convenient Packaging + Mini Bath Salt Spoon


Exclusive To Us Made By Us Just For you