Stromatolites Crystals

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We have been working with so many beautiful people lately who were feeling very disconnected, feeling a loss of connection between themselves and outside of themselves. This disconnection often feels like they don’t even know who they are anymore.

Reconnecting to our spirit to Mother Earth gives us a powerful foundation to work on & a stable connection recharge ourselves on.

Crystals & Stones can assist in doing just that & they are gifted to us by the very source we are working with. So Lets Reconnect To Mother Earth with the Perfect Energy and Powers of Picture Jasper & Stromatolite

Stromatolite is a fascinating fossil that shows us the very beginning of life on earth, again reconnecting you to Ancestors & the Old Ways.
Perfect to hold onto whilst meditating or Casting.
Properties & uses include- Opening new Opportunities, Expanded Awareness, Grounding- Reliability, Stability & Strength.

Stromatolite is a stone of transformation assisting healing at an emotional level. Stromatolite gently removes blockages within the meridians and chakra. A powerful Stone to use for Guidance & direction.

Picture Jasper
A remarkable form of Brown Jasper, is characterized by masterful “scenes” and landscape patterns formed by Nature, and is believed to contain hidden messages from the past & Ancestors. Perfect to use while Casting or on your Altar

This Stone deepens your connection to the Earth & Grounding. It stimulates the root chakra, filling your body with grounding, spiritual energy.
Use as a personal talisman, especially for protection and for living in the now. Carry Picture Jasper with you to inspire creativity, confidence, and luck.
It is believed to be especially protective during childbirth, making it a great stone for expectant mothers.