Witch on Broom & Moon Wax Seal Stamp

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Soar through the night sky with our bewitching Witch on a Broom & Moon Wax Seal Stamp, a symbol of freedom, Magick , and the mysteries of the nocturnal realms. This finely crafted metal stamp showcases the iconic silhouette of a witch in flight against the backdrop of a crescent moon, all set on a durable wooden handle for ease of use and a touch of old world charm.

Ideal for adding a magickal touch to your Book of Shadows entries, enchanting your spellwork correspondences, or sealing invitations to your next gathering, this wax seal stamp embodies the spirit of adventure and the power of the unseen. Each press releases a spell of protection, wisdom, and connection to the lunar energies, empowering your craft and your words.

Embrace the witch within and let your Magick fly high with every seal. Unleash the mysteries of the moon and the ancient secrets of the broomstick with our Witch on a Broom & Moon Wax Seal Stamp.