Woodland Witch Guidance Box

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Whenever you need inspiration & guidance & a touch of Magick, sit in a peaceful spot, open the Box & hear the whispers from the woods. Make yourself one of the Teas within the Box, choose either Sweet Dandelion, Green Jasmine or Chamomile Tea. All Natural, All with the Energy of Mother Earth. Light the Spellbinding Candle provided & lay your Card Cloth down, spread the 40 cards out, then pull one. Allow the quiet whisperings of the woodland realm to inspire & steer you towards the right path & intentions. When your ready to turn over a New Leaf & a New Manifestation, take one of the Leaves and write on it with your Besom Pencil & put it where it will inspire you daily. With your guidance Booklet keep a record of the cards you pick & their messages within.

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