Crystal Grid

Posted by Janet Blades on

Nature and Universe laws are based on harmony, symmetry and sacred geometry of all matters. Crystals have an ideal molecular structure. With its help, they structure energy flows, transform, protect and purify a person's energy.

Each mineral has its own force field and affects a certain area of life. To enhance and harmonize their impact, they can be organised into a crystal grid and
programmed to achieve what you want.

The magick of the grid is in the fact that you bind minerals chosen for your task in a sacred geometric figure. Crystalline structures form a complex pattern and begin to interact with each other, creating unique energy focusing on your intention. Crystals can be laid out to help with any aspect of life: healing of body and spirit, happiness, love sphere, material abundance.

The most important thing when organising a grid is to articulate the intention.
This is your personal affirmation that the power of the crystals is focused on.
You will need to study the properties of different stones and choose the ones that are most suitable for your request. The geometric shape of the grid is also important. It can be a circle, square, rhombus, spiral or any other shape.
You can prepare a grid plan in advance or act in a moment, listening to yourself.

The largest and most active stone is usually laid in the centre. Under it, in the very heart of the pattern, you can place your written affirmation. The rest of the crystals are placed around in accordance with the direction of the energy movement. Have a conversation with yourself and think about how each stone will affect other ones around it and your life as well.

Before you start creating, it is better to charge each crystal. You can soak them in
saltwater, charge them with sunlight or moonlight, hold them in your hand during
meditation and ask for help and protection. To create a grid, it is auspicious to choose a quiet place, preferably near plants and windows. You can cleanse the space with sea salt, candles and incense.

The more personal your grid is, the stronger its impact. You don't have to use only crystals, you can use any natural materials, jewellery or personal items that hold value for you. They will add even deeper meaning through a personal connection with you. The shape, colour, size of the grid, its location all this should come from your heart and be dear to you.

After creating the grid, you need to activate it. You can put your hand on the central stone and, without lifting your fingers, touch each crystal, imagining how an invisible thread connects them. To strengthen the connection, you can run your fingers from each outer stone to the central one. At the same time, it is favourable to speak about your intention. You can also meditate on the grid, chant mantras. The main thing is to listen to your subconscious, and it will tell
you how to get in touch with your magical instrument.

Crystals are a powerful tool, and working with them requires a subtle approach. You can study their properties, but first of all, trust your intuition when choosing your stones. The inner response and comfort in contact with the crystal will help you better interact with it and tune in to the flow of your desires.

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