Genuine Florida Water 100ml

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Made by an Authentic Witch with a Recipe that’s been pasted down through the Ancestral Line. The name “Florida Water” refers to the fabled Fountain of Youth. Due to Brewing the energy of Flowers, Herbs & so much More, original used as a Cologne water in 1808. Now Every good bruja worth their salt has Florida Water in their Magickal toolkit.

Florida Water has gone through a journey through out the ages. And along that way, Florida Water found its way into Magickal practices.

Most on the market are unfortunately made for commercial use and are clear in colour, not brewed with the traditional ingredients & method of old. For a truly Genuine Florida Water to be magickaly intended the aged Recipe should be respected.

This Potion has been used in Magickal rituals for over 200 years , for cleansing Magickal tools, creating spiritual floor washes, and other rituals.


There’s a multitude of ways to incorporate florida water into your daily practices, here are a few:

Florida Water is used to remove negative energy, heavy vibrations, and encourages the healthy expression of emotions. This is especially good after arguments, coming in contact with negative people and those who have empathic abilities.

A purification and blessing floorwash: mix some Florida Water into your usual cleaning mixture.

Florida water has a relaxing effect on the nerves and the mind. Wear on your body to fight anxiety and sadness.

When seeking advice or divining with your ancestors, set a glass or bowl of florida water on your ancestral altar to clear any confusion and receive messages clearly without interference.

Florida Water is often used purification and cleansing rites. You can also use it as a ritual offering for the ancestors and deities.

Cleanse and wipe down all the items on your sacred altar (and sacred space) with Florida Water. It will clear them of negative energy. Use when purchasing candles or other spiritual tools to cleanse unwanted vibrations from people who may have touched or came in contact with your item before you.

Make a protection spray using Florida Water, Sea Water, and 3 drops of Myrrh Oil.

To bless your wallet and bring in more money, soak cowrie shells in Florida Water and carry them in your wallet.

For attracting true love or unblocking obstacles in a current union, add a few drops of Florida Water to a bowl beside your bed and light a red attraction candle while focusing on your desired goal. **Florida water should never be placed directly on a candle or too close to a flame.**

A House Blessing: Mix Florida Water, basil, and rue herb and anoint your doors, windows and floors for protection, peace, prosperity and good luck.

For a feeling a balance and protection, take a bath as usual. When you are finished, dry off and dab some Florida Water on your crown, neck, heart, and feet.

Wash your hands with Florida water after coming in contact or shaking hands with negative people.

Balance the energies at work by keeping some near your desk. Make a spray bottle with water and rose oil to keep kind, loving energies around you.

Add a few drops to a bath for purification and protection.

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