Hedge Witch Ritual Salts

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Unleash Ancient Magick within the sanctity of your abode with our meticulously crafted Ritual Salts, each one conjured and empowered by our Family Coven, utilising recipes preserved within our ancestral grimoire.

These salts serve as versatile conduits for your mystical endeavors, whether you are weaving intentions through rituals, summoning the powers of the Law of Attraction, manifesting desires, casting spells, venerating your sacred altars, or safeguarding your home.

Included within this enchanted collection are:

  • 1 x Purple Salt: A mystical blend to awaken intuition and spiritual awareness.
  • 1 x Green Salt: Charged with the essence of prosperity and fertile growth.
  • 1 x Blue Salt: Infused with calming energies to soothe and protect.
  • 1 x Black Salt: A powerful shield against negative forces and psychic disturbances.
  • 1 x Red Salt: Crafted to ignite passion and bolster your willpower.

Accompanied by a handcrafted wooden spoon and housed in a beautifully ornate jar, these tools are not only practical but also enhance the mystical aesthetic of your sacred spaces. Embrace the potent energies of these salts, and weave the fabric of the universe to your will.

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