How To Burn Palo Santo

Hold the palo santo upside down and light the tip. Grab the palo santo stick with your dominant hand and hold it upside down at a slight, outward-facing angle. Use a lighter or matches to light the tip of the palo santo stick until you notice a small flame.

Light the palo santo stick over a heat-resistant surface.

Blow out the flame after 1 minute. Let the palo santo stick burn for 30-60 seconds, depending on how strong of a scent you want. After 60 seconds, blow on the stick until you extinguish the flame and it only emits embers.

The stick should continue burning embers for up to 1-2 hours after blowing out the flame.

Say a blessing, if desired. Many people use palo santo for its spiritually or emotionally cleansing properties. If you're using palo santo for this reason, say a phrase that gives you peace or comfort after blowing out the embers.

You could say, for example, "May this bring peace and comfort into our home.