Blue Lotus Flower

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Magickal Use:  

1. Enhancing psychic abilities and intuition.
2. Promoting spiritual growth and enlightenment.
3. Deepening meditation and spiritual practices.
4. Invoking peace and tranquility in rituals.
5. Facilitating dream work and lucid dreaming.
6. Attracting love and harmony in relationships.
7. Supporting healing and rejuvenation spells.

Tea Benefits: 
May help Physical  

1. Mild sedative effect for relaxation and stress relief.
2. Antispasmodic properties to ease muscle spasms and cramps.
3. Supports gastrointestinal health.
4. Can improve circulation and heart health.
5. Acts as a natural aphrodisiac.

Tea Spiritual Benefits:  

1. Opens the mind to higher consciousness and spiritual insights.
2. Enhances meditation by promoting a state of peaceful awareness.
3. Encourages lucid dreaming and vivid dream recall.
4. Aids in the exploration of the subconscious and inner self.
5. Facilitates a deeper connection with the divine.

Other Uses Include:  

Bath Additive: Add to bathwater for a spiritually cleansing and relaxing soak.
Incense Component: Use in incense blends for meditation and spiritual rituals.
Tincture: Create a tincture for spiritual uses or as a mild sedative.
Offering: Use as an offering in altars to promote spiritual connection and peace.

It should not be taken during pregnancy or if you have certain allergies. If you are on other medications, then it should be consumed only after a consultation with your medical professional.

One flower typically makes 2- 3 cups of tea.

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