Bridget’s Crosses

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Celebrate Imbolc with Authentic Bridget's Crosses

As Imbolc approaches, honor this ancient Celtic festival with our handcrafted Bridget's Crosses.

Imbolc, marking the beginning of spring, is traditionally associated with the goddess Brigid, celebrated for her wisdom and protective qualities. Our crosses, made with the time honoured three legged design, embody the spirit of Brigid and the Triple Goddess, symbolising the life stages of maiden, mother, and crone.
Features of Our Bridget's Cross

  • Imbolc Tradition -Perfect for Imbolc celebrations, invoking the protection and blessings of Brigid.
  • Three-Legged Design: Reflects the original, powerful symbolism of the Triple Goddess.
  • Crafted with Care: Made using natural materials, following ancient crafting methods.
  • Home Protection: Ideal for safeguarding and bringing good fortune to your home.
  • Cultural Connection: Connect with Irish heritage and the essence of the Celtic festival.

Welcome the spring with a piece of Ireland's mystical past. Get your Bridget's Cross today and embrace the rejuvenating spirit of Imbolc.

Size: 32cm

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