Putka Pods

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Putka pods, also known as mini pumpkins or ornamental gourds, have several magickal uses in various traditions. Here are some ways to incorporate them into your magickal practice:

Protection: Putka pods can be used as protective charms. Place them around your home or sacred space to ward off negative energy.

Prosperity Spells: Due to their association with abundance and harvest, you can use putka pods in spells or rituals aimed at attracting prosperity, wealth, or a bountiful harvest. Perfect for Mabon rituals

Ancestral Offerings: Use them as offerings on ancestral altars. They symbolise the connection to the Earth, making them suitable for honoring ancestors.

Fertility Magick: they are linked to fertility and the cycle of life. They can be included in fertility rituals or spells aimed at promoting growth and fertility in various aspects of life.

Decorative Altar Items: Incorporate them into your altar decorations to add a touch of autumnal energy to your sacred space, especially during harvest festivals or seasonal celebrations.

Transformation and Change: The pumpkin-like appearance of putka pods makes them suitable for rituals related to transformation and change. You can use them to symbolise the shedding of old habits and the embrace of new beginnings.

Divination: use them in divination practices. They might be used as casting objects or in scrying rituals, with the unique shapes and patterns on the pods providing symbolic insights.

Warding and Banishing: Use in spells or rituals aimed at banishing negativity or unwanted influences from your life. Visualise these energies being absorbed or trapped within the pods.

Love and Attraction Spells: In some folk traditions, they are seen as symbols of love and attraction. You can incorporate them into spells or rituals designed to attract a romantic partner or strengthen existing relationships.

Harvest Celebrations: During harvest festivals like Mabon, use putka pods as decorations on your altar or as part of your seasonal rituals to honor the Earth's abundance.