CASCARILLA Ritual Powder

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Use of Cascarilla Powder is a powerful ingredient used through out the ages 

Cascarilla powder may be used in several ways:
• Sprinkle Cascarilla powder to the corners of each room for protection.
• Sprinkle a magickal line or circle of protection or to draw protective symbols and sigils.
• Sprinkle Cascarilla Powder by your entrance door to prevent uninvited spirits and energies from entering.
• Add cascarilla powder to a ritual bath to wash away negative energy.
• Add cascarilla powder to a floor wash to cleanse your house of negative energy and prevent negative energy and unwanted spirits from entering.
• Sprinkle cascarilla powder on your hands to protect you from negative energy through the day.
• The powder can be pressed into chalk and used to draw a magical line or circle of protection or to draw protective symbols.
• Use Cascarilla powder when you make candles, incense and soap for protection.
• Use Cascarilla Powder to clear and purify ritual tools, spell jars, and objects.