Clear & Purify Bath Ritual

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Transform your bath into a sanctuary of purification and power with our Bath Ritual Kit. Specifically crafted to clear away the residue of daily life and negative energy, this kit washes it all away, leaving you not just purified, but also charged with magickal energy. Whether you're preparing for rituals, casting, meditation, or simply seeking a fresh start & washing away all negativity, this kit is your key to a deeper, more meaningful spiritual cleanse.

Each kit contains:

- Bath Potion: A specially formulated blend to cleanse, purify, and recharge your spirit & become Magickal, ready with every soak.

- Crystal: Hand-selected to harmonise with the bath potion, enhancing your energy and intention.

- Incense: For an aromatic guide to deeper states of meditation and relaxation, aligning your space with purity and protection.

- Scroll: Instructions and rituals to maximise the potency of your bath, guiding you to a more profound spiritual cleanse.

- Magickal Paper: For setting intentions, wishes, or releasing what no longer serves you, making each bath a tailored, transformative experience.

Step into a bath that does more than cleanse your body—it rejuvenates your essence. Perfect for those looking to elevate their spiritual practice or simply to infuse their daily routine with a touch of Magick. Let our Bath Ritual Kit be the gateway to your purification and renewal.

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