Clear & Protect Shower Ritual

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This Shower Ritual is perfect for Clearing Away negative energy on your body & Aura , while leaving a protective coating, to help with your Conjuring, Manifesting & Casting & everyday life.
Start your intention work surrounded by the elements within this enchanting ritual
The Aroma is Fresh Clean Sage, protective Florals & other Smudging Oils.
Perfect to empower & amplify your intentions as you wash away all what doesn’t serve you.

From the times of Old, Rituals & Water have been used as good transmitters for your thoughts, feelings & intention work, combining that with the Energies of the Magical Elements you have a powerful potion to work with.
Our Sacred Shower Rituals Sets have been created by the Hedge Witch using our Families ancient Grimoire to be a powerful multi-layered manifestation tool which contains all the elements to put you into the Magickal Mode to manifest.
Vegan Milks, Butters & Oil Concoction with Herbs & Flowers, A Crystal & a corresponding Candle,

This Blend is ultra charged, moisturising, hydrating, healing & full of power natural ingredients, leaving your skin feel like silk while stimulating circulation, improves elasticity , Protects Against Free Radicals, Relieves Those with Sensitive Skin, just to name a few of the Benefits.

Instruction Scroll
Magickal Ritual Paper
Incense Cone
Creamy Milky Ritual Blend  
Shower Scrub Pouch
Powerful Magickal Botanics & Charged Ingredients

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