Clear & Purify Shower Ritual

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Elevate your shower into a powerful ritual of cleansing and empowerment with our Shower Ritual Kit. Designed for those who seek to wash away not only the physical but also the spiritual residue of day-to-day life, this kit clears negative energy and leaves you purified, energised, and magickally ready for anything, be it rituals, casting, meditation, or simply embracing the day with renewed vigor.

Each kit contains:

- Shower Potion in an Exfoliating Pouch: Combine the power of purification with physical rejuvenation. Our specially formulated potion cleanses your aura while the exfoliating pouch sloughs away dead skin, revitalising your body and spirit in one harmonious step.

- Crystal: Selected to complement the shower potion, this crystal amplifies your intentions, enhancing clarity and strength.

- Incense: Crafted to set the perfect ambiance for purification and focus, guiding your mind to a state of readiness and calm.

- Scroll: Offers detailed ritual and suggestions to transform your shower into a sacred act of self-care and spiritual clarity.

- Magickal Paper: Ideal for recording intentions, affirmations, or releasing thoughts that no longer serve your highest good, making each shower an act of personal evolution and Magick.

Transform your daily shower into a ritual of self-care, purification, and empowerment. Our Shower Ritual Kit is the key to turning every shower into a moment of deep, meaningful connection with your inner self, ensuring you step out refreshed, charged, and spiritually Magickally aligned. Perfect for anyone seeking to infuse their routine with a profound sense of renewal and purpose.

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