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Magickal Use:  

1. Love spells and attracting positive relationships.
2. Promoting tranquility and peace in spiritual practices.
3. Enhancing visions and psychic work for deeper insights.
4. Facilitating healing rituals, both physical and emotional.
5. Aiding in communication with the spiritual realm for guidance.
6. Offering protection during spiritual journeys and travel.

Tea Benefits: 
May Aid Physical

1. Provides respiratory relief, beneficial for coughs and bronchitis.
2. Acts as a natural cough suppressant.
3. Soothes sore throats and reduces inflammation.
4. Mild anti-inflammatory benefits for overall well-being.
5. Supports lung health, aiding in breathing issues.
6. May aid digestion and soothe gastrointestinal discomfort.

Tea Spiritual Benefits:  

1. Encourages emotional balance and inner peace.
2. Supports spiritual cleansing and renewal.
3. Enhances meditative practices and spiritual clarity.
4. Strengthens the connection to the earth and its healing energies.
5. Promotes protective energies during spiritual work.
6. Aids in the journey of spiritual healing and growth.

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