Crystal Workshop

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Our Crystal Workshops are Run by Our Crystal Healing Practitioner & Expert, Rebecca.

She brings with her Generations of Practical Knowledge & Years of Academic Qualifications

This Crystal Workshop is like no other & covers everything you would want to know about Crystals.

Come in as a beginner & leave feeling like a fully charged & connected Crystal Expert.

Crystals have been with us through out the ages & are a powerful gift from Mother Earth. They are used Holistically & Technically

Everyone is welcome to learn the science behind their unique structure and powerful vibration.

This Master Class Covers topics such as:

  • Which Crystals to choose and why. 
  • Feeling Crystal energy.
  • The reason why you are attracted to certain crystals more than others.
  • The most popular Crystals and their special properties.
  • How to care for your Crystals.
  • How to charge your Crystals.
  • How to place you intention into the Crystals.
  • How to use crystals magickally 
  • The amazing practice of -Pendulum Dowsing to gain answers and clarity.
  • Healing the body and the emotions with Crystal energy.
  • Working with Crystals in Meditation & Rituals 
  • Chakras & Crystals 
  • The Practical side of Crystals & how to use them daily 
  • How to combine them other Charged Elements to amplify your wellbeing 
  • How to use Crystals for healing & so much more.

With a perfectly balanced way of learning you will receive Information booklet
Bag of Crystals to add to your collection or to get you started on your Crystal Journey & a Magickal Surprise.

Cost: £20

Time: 11am - 3pm


Classes are held at Mystiques Enchantments Belfast

No refunds

Anyone aged under 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult

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