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Crystal Workshop

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Our Crystal Workshops are Run by Our Crystal Healing Practitioner Rebecca.

  • In this Day Workshop we will be giving topics like. the science behind their unique structure and powerful vibration. 
  • Which ones to choose and why - feeling Crystal energy.
  • The reason why you are attracted to certain crystals more than others.
  • The most popular Crystals and their special properties.
  • How to care for your Crystals.
  • How to charge your Crystals.
  • How to place you intention into the Crystals.
  • How to use crystals magickally 
  • The amazing practice of Pendulum Dowsing to gain answers and clarity.
  • Healing the body and the emotions with Crystal energy.
  • Working with Crystals in Meditation & so much more.

Cost: £20

Date : 25th February FULLY BOOKED

Date: 4th March 2023 FULLY BOOKED 

Time: 11am - 3pm

Classes are held at Mystiques Enchantments Belfast

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