Energy Clearing & Grounding Meditation Experience

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A Unique & Powerful Meditation that uses & awakens your 6 senses. This Clearing your Energy within and without & grounding ritual will release you from a cocoon & transform your meditation awareness. Reconnect & Awaken your Six Senses is a guided journey of discovery.
Open yourself to achieving a deeper self-connection and harmony through using All your Senses.
Clearing your Energy is vital for your wellbeing & When you are grounded, you feel like you are here, in the physical, in the present. To be grounded gives your energy a point of steadiness and you will feel clear, centered, strong and focused.

By using Individual elements & Senses you Will rekindle your connections to the natural world & to the universe. Let’s discover what’s inside and perhaps even connect at a higher level.

Our Workshops & Meditation Classes are a Sacred Safe Non Judgmental Experience for All. No photos etc, your Privacy & Experience is your own. All in all, It’s not commercialised It’s spiritualised.

You also get to take home your charged crystal.

Date: 13th February 2023

Time: 11am - 12pm

Will Be Held At Mystiques Enchantments