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Step into the world of "Familiar," an oil painting that brings the enigmatic charm of a witch's loyal companion to life. The black cat's golden eyes hold centuries of secrets, glowing against the flicker of candlelight.

This isn't just a painting; it's a guardian of mystique for your home, watching from the canvas with a gaze as captivating as the Magick it represents. Let "Familiar" enchant your living space with its timeless spell.

A drawing that channels the powerful essence of the wild and the wisdom of the ages. Her gaze is a profound mixture of knowing and allure, with a presence as captivating as the land she embodies.

This artwork will bring a touch of the mystical outback into your space, celebrating the strength and spirit of the Mother Earth of Australia's ancient heritage. Let Enigana's mystique transform your home into a sanctuary of mystery and beauty.


Size: A4
Printed on Canvas Paper

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