Find Your Power Tarot

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The tarot cards are often seen as a mirror of what you are experiencing in your life. When a card comes up in a reading, it encourages you to look inside yourself to look for areas where this may resonate.

Using Tarot for personal growth helps you to tap into your unconscious - the wise, intuitive part of you. Tarot provides the space you need to dig deep and reflect on what's happening in the present moment, rather than getting lost in the past or future.

Find Your Power: Tarot will show you how to harness your inner power, help you see where your true potential lies and most importantly, it will show you that it is always possible to make a change and create a life you love. Use this book to articulate and uncover those hidden abilities by giving you a new perspective of yourself. It can also help you direct your energy towards your goals, or even to give them more clarity. 

Pages: 128