Lilith Bath Melt

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Discover the Lilith Bath Melts, inspired by the fierce and independent spirit of the goddess Lilith. Designed to empower and rejuvenate, this bath melt invites you to claim a moment of powerful tranquility in your daily ritual.  

Skin Benefits:

  • Empowering Moisturiser: Deeply hydrates, fortifying the skin's natural defenses and leaving it resilient and soft to the touch.
  • Revitalising: Enhances skin's natural vibrancy and vitality, encouraging a youthful and radiant complexion.
  • Soothing: Gently soothes and smooths skin, reducing redness and irritation for a balanced and even tone.
  • Detoxifying: Helps to cleanse away daily impurities, supporting skin’s purity and health.

Aroma Description:  

  • Embrace the romantic and provocative blend that combines the classic sweetness of blooming flowers with the rich, earthy depth of traditional herbs. This alluring aroma captivates the essence of both strength and beauty, embodying the spirit of Lilith with every scent.

The Lilith Bath Melts offer a transformative experience that nurtures the skin while engaging the senses in a profound and enchanting way.

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