Mother Earth Ritual Candle

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Mother Earth: The Great Material Womb

She is called "Mother Earth" for a reason. She is Abundance.
She is Fertility. She is Alive.

Mother Earth is the Bringer, the Nourisher, and the Protectoress
of life. She contains, and provides, all the minerals and nutrients
that are necessary for human, animal, and plant life to begin,
grow, and mature.

It is through the intense heat which exists within the deepest depths
of Her Womb that precious Energies are created. Then,
just like a woman giving birth, She gently nudges these precious
Intentions & energies out of Her Womb and onto the surface of the
earth in order for mankind to use these precious gifts of Hers to
satisfy its material requirements.

71 grams
Size: 9cm

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