Orange Spell Candle 21cm

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Celebrate The Magick with an orange candle to welcome all new positive opportunities to you.

Orange candles can be used for various purposes in witchcraft, as the color orange is associated with a range of energies and intentions. Here are some common uses for orange candles in witchcraft:

Creativity: Orange is often associated with creativity and artistic expression. Light an orange candle when you need inspiration for a creative project or when you want to enhance your artistic abilities.

Passion and Desire: Orange is a colour of passion and desire. If you're working on spells or rituals related to love, attraction, or sensuality, an orange candle can amplify your intentions.

Joy and Happiness: Use orange candles to bring joy and happiness into your life. Light one during times of stress or sadness to help uplift your spirits.

Balance and Harmony: Orange represents balance, particularly the balance between the fiery energy of red and the calming energy of yellow. Use orange candles to promote harmony in your life and relationships.

Autumn and Mabon Celebrations: As mentioned in a previous response, orange candles are commonly used during Mabon, the autumn equinox celebration, to symbolise the vibrant colors of fall and to give thanks for the harvest.

Solar Magick: Orange is associated with the Sun, making it suitable for solar magic. Use orange candles to draw upon the Sun's energy for healing, vitality, and strength.

Sacral Chakra Work: In chakra healing and meditation, orange is connected to the sacral chakra, which is associated with emotions, creativity, and sensuality. Light an orange candle while working on balancing or energizing this chakra.

Psychic Awareness: Some practitioners use orange candles to enhance psychic abilities and intuition. Meditating with an orange candle can help open your third eye and connect with your inner wisdom.

Protection: In some traditions, orange is used for protection against negative energy or to ward off unwanted influences.

They are 21cm non drip and fit most candle holders. They burn for approximately 8 hours with a tall clean flame.

Never leave candle unattended