Purple Witches Dust

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Empower your Magick with Purple Witches Dust, the essence of spirituality, wisdom, Magick and power. Ideal for candle Magick, casting circles, and spell work, this mystical dust awakens higher consciousness, deepens intuition, and magnifies personal authority.

Purple's rich energy is perfect for spells that enhance psychic abilities, inspire leadership, and protect the spirit. Use the majestic power of Purple Witches Dust to connect with the divine, strengthen your inner vision, and cloak your endeavours in the dignity of sovereignty.

Let the royal vibrance of Purple Witches Dust transform your Magickal practice, inviting enlightenment, empowerment, and mystical protection.


  • Candle Magick
  • Sigil Magick
  • Casting Circles
  • Mojo Bags
  • Poppets
  • Spiritual Work
  • Spell Work
  • Manifesting
  • And So Much More

Size: 20g

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