Citrus Harmony Creamy Bath Salts 300g

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Indulge in the rejuvenating essence of Citrus Harmony Creamy Bath Spa Salts. Infused with a zesty, aromatic blend of citrus scents, these luxurious creamy salts turn your bath into an harmony spa retreat. Experience the uplifting, mood-enhancing aroma, perfect for transforming your daily bath into an oasis of vibrant tranquility. A sensory delight that's a must-have for a radiant, spa-like experience at home.

1. Enhanced moisturising properties.
2. Luxurious texture.
3. Soothing for dry or sensitive skin.
4. Stronger aromatherapy experience. Pure Spa Experience
5. Gentle exfoliation.
6. Rich in additional nutrients.
7. Reduced irritation for sensitive skin.

OTHER Bath salts can be bad for your skin:
1. Drying effect on the skin.
2. Risk of irritation.
3. Potential allergic reactions.
4. Disruption of skin's pH balance.

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