Reiki & Seichim Attunement Level 1

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Reiki & Seichim are powerful healing techniques which use universal life force energy for healing yourself & assisting others to heal as well as unblocking & balancing chakras. 

Reiki is said to be the masculine and Seichim the Feminine, a beautifully balanced ancient skill which our Reiki Master/Teacher has practiced and passed on for many years. 

Learning and being attuned to Usui Reiki and Seichim will embody you with great power steeped in ancient traditions, practice, and techniques, all of which needs to be respected and valued.  Usui Reiki has been handed down, person to person for over hundred years, and our Master/Teacher whos linage comes directly from Dr Mikao Usui, is continuing the integrity inherent to its teaching and as such you will be gaining genuine Accident Attunements.    It’s not only about knowing how to do Reiki & Seichim, or being Attuned as quick as possible, it's about honouring traditions and respecting the values.  With each attunement the student will go through an expansion & a powerful journey, so that’s why our Master will remain your mentor after the attunement to help with your growth.  

With  Seichim/Reiki level one attunement, it will enable you to give self-healing and healing to family and friends. 

You will learn how to put your spiritual protection in place, work with aura and body scanning, learn all about the 21 day healing and It will help you to grow spiritually and open to all. 

These 21 days are vital in assisting your body, your subtle bodies and electromagnetic field to integrate this new, powerful Reiki energy stream into your being.  As a result of an increase in your vibratory rate to include an expansion and amplification of each Chakra centre, positive changes will occur. As you practice and grow so will your ability.  So let each level your attuned to be of Quality not speed.  The time scale between each attunement can be very different for each student, and together with your Teacher you will know when to take each step. 

Attunement Level one you will learn: 

  • the history of Reiki & Seichim 
  • the principles  
  • how to prepare for a Reiki attunement 
  • hand positions for self-treatment 
  • the chakras and indications of any imbalances & much more

You will experience a different feeling as the Reiki attunement clears out any negative energy blocks within your body as well as during the 21 day self cleansing procedure. Once attuned you will never lose the ability of Reiki. 

Date: To be advised

Time: 11am - 5pm

For Attunements of Level 1, Students will receive 1 free Reiki & Seichim Session administered By our Reiki Master & Teacher. On a selected date. 

You will receive a certificate on completion 



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