Sunflower Petals

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Magickal Use:  

1. Attracts joy and positivity.
2. Symbolises loyalty and adoration.
3. Enhances fertility and abundance rituals.
4. Draws solar energy for empowerment.
5. Offers protection and wards off negativity.
6. Promotes health and vitality.

Tea Benefits:
May aid Physical  

1. Rich in antioxidants.
2. Anti-inflammatory properties.
3. Supports immune health.
4. Aids in skin health and appearance.
5. Soothes sore throats.

Tea Spiritual Benefits:  

1. Encourages a sunny disposition and optimism.
2. Aligns with solar energies for personal growth.
3. Strengthens spiritual connections and loyalty.
4. Protects aura from negative energies.
5. Energises and revitalises the soul.
6. Promotes clarity and insight on one’s path.

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