The Whispers of the Forest Guidance Kit

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Step into the mystical embrace of nature with the Whispers of the Forest Guidance Kit. This beautifully crafted kit, encased in a sturdy metal travel case, is your portal to the wisdom of the woods. Inside, you'll find a full deck of 40 Forest Guidance Cards, each adorned with intricate illustrations and insights to help steer your path.

Accompanying the deck is a carefully selected crystal, resonating with the earthy energy of the forest. Create a serene space for your reflections with the included altar cloth and a calming candle, setting the perfect atmosphere for your journey. Safeguard your cards in the elegant velvet pouch provided, ensuring they remain charged with the forest's ancient whispers.

Whether at home or on the go, the Whispers of the Forest Guidance Kit is your companion for spiritual exploration and natural wisdom.

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