Witches Burrs

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These magickal pods are used for protection and often kept on your altar to keep everything safe. They can be used for fertility as they are the seed pods of an ancient tree. Witches Burrs can be dressed and left in a target's path for love, for banishing, & adds great power to spells & rituals.
The Presence of witches burr is said to defeat any kind of evil force.
Place on altar for spells or hang by doors for protection. They can be used in witch bottles and in spirit bags.
These have been used by Hedge witches and in Hoodoo for centuries. Some believe witches burr can be used to create a magickal gateway. They are used in spells and charms for breaking curses and hexes, burned in ritual fires for protection within the circle.

Grind the entire witches burr into a powder using a mortar and pestle, and use for protection as you would Black Salt.

Witches burr are made into amulets for prosperity, wealth attraction, protection, and fertility.

Used in protection charms, to charge other items with positive energy, and to remove negative energy.

They are also used to stuff spell ingredients into. Once stuffed, they can be sealed with wax and placed anywhere as a long-term spell of protection.

Size: Between  .5 inch - 2.50 inch