Yellow Witches Dust

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Brighten your Magick with Yellow Witches Dust, the spark of creativity, joy, and mental clarity. Perfect for candle Magick, casting circles, and spell work, this radiant dust illuminates paths to success, stimulates the intellect, and invites happiness.

Yellow's vibrant energy boosts spells aimed at learning, communication, and confidence, offering a beacon of optimism and enthusiasm. Utilise the luminous power of Yellow Witches Dust to enhance your Magickal workings with the sun's bright energy, fuelling your intentions with joy, wisdom, and the power of positive thinking.

Let the effervescent charm of Yellow Witches Dust bring light and clarity to your practice.


  • Candle Magick
  • Sigil Magick
  • Casting Circles
  • Mojo Bags
  • Poppets
  • Spiritual Work
  • Spell Work
  • Manifesting
  • And So Much More

Size: 20g

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