As above So Below Body Oil Perfume

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Discover serenity with our Spa Collection Body Oil
A soothing aroma, characterised by a warm, woody scent with mild floral and slightly spicy undertones. It's comforting and gentle, blending hints of rose with earthy notes, designed to soothe your senses and leave your skin feeling rejuvenated. Perfect for moments of relaxation and self-care.

All-Day Aroma - Enjoy a lasting scent that subtly stays with you.
Radiant Skin- Infused with Vitamins E, A, B, and essential fatty acids for deep hydration and rejuvenation.
Reduces scars, evens skin tone, and soothes irritation without clogging pores.
Age-Defying- Antioxidants combat signs of aging, revealing a youthful glow.

Embrace a blend of nature's best for skin that's as fragrant as it is radiant.

Your Journey to Radiance Begins Here - Discover Now  

Size: 150ml

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