Raven Bath Melt

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Discover the mysterious allure of our 'Raven' Bath Melt, where the elegance of rose meets the depth of musk in a captivating blend of floral and spice. Each melt transforms your bath into a mystical oasis, enveloping you in a luxurious aroma that whispers tales of enchanted forests and moonlit nights. Ideal for those seeking a bathing experience that is both soothing and enigmatic. Let 'Raven' be your gateway to a world where floral elegance intertwines with the intrigue of spice, creating a spellbinding escape from the ordinary.

Absorb the Magickal Energy & Pure Intentions of bringing Calmness To Enchant your Mind Body Soul & the Witch Within. Then Release what doesn’t serve you as the Charged Waters wash it away.

Perfectly Balanced, Perfectly Magickal Perfectly You.

Exclusive To Us Made By Us Just For You

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